Introduction Established Dec 2001
A Museum of Irrigation is essential

The development of an Irrigation Museum is a concept born of necessity. It holds a high degree of importance to all professionals who are a part of, or have been a part of the world of irrigation.

We need to take pride in our industry, and honor those who have contributed greatly to the accomplishments, and evolution of Irrigation.

As an Online Museum, this website is meant to be a reference for anyone to use for looking up information on antiquated irrigation products that are no longer available.
Our Purpose

  • The collection, and preservation of original historic artifacts, and publications pertaining to the field of Irrigation, from the various industries that have been involved in the use of irrigation technology.
  • A final resting place for sprinklers and other artifacts where they may be displayed, so they can be viewed, and appreciated by future generations.
  • A technical research tool, where by industry professionals can literally look up information on any antiquated irrigation products, by going to this website.
  • Education on historical significance: To intrigue everyone's interest and awareness about the heritage of our industry, and how it is connected to American History.
  • Guarantee that all museum items shall be protected from the destruction of the brass recycling market, no matter what the circumstances; no exceptions.
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