Pre-Rocker Jet "New Positive Irrigators---No Springs" circa 30's - 50's
Model No. Size Comments and Description
762 ¾" Dual opposed nozzle/ low pressure low angle optional; also 762S for sand proof bearings later was changed to Model 211 and 211LA
782 1" Dual opposed nozzle/ medium pressure; also 782S for sand proof bearings, later was changed to Model 221
692 1 ½" Dual opposed nozzle/ high pressure; sand proof bearings std later was changed to Model 250
Unknown ¾" Single nozzle/ low pressure orchard sprinkler; low angle optional.

Rocker Jet Series Full Circle

211G ¾" Dual opposed nozzle/ all brass drive lever/ possible bi-sided lever.
212G ¾" Dual opposed nozzle/ all brass drive lever/ modified from 211G
221G 1" Dual opposed nozzle/ all brass drive lever/ possible bi-sided lever
250G 1 ½" Dual opposed nozzle/ all brass drive lever
No photos available for these models.

Rocker Jet Series Full or Part Circle

5900 1 ½" Single nozzle/ Bearing assy is old style FIPT with Stainless Steel set screws as arc stops.

Giant Irrigator Series Full Circle Circa 1950 to 1967

No. 69 1 ½" Later became Model 900; has three forward facing nozzles; drive nozzle on top; sidewinder lever with dual action drive wedge;
No. 71 2" Later became Model 910; see above description (same).
See Pictures below.

600 Series Turf King Sprinklers (Models 600 thru 650)

640 1 ½" Rotator style/ vibration device that is internal controls rotation rate

Cam Drive Rotors (Turf)

1371 1 ¼" Dual opposed nozzles with one range and one spreader
1390 1 ½" Dual opposed nozzles/ range nozzle std "; spreader std "
Dual-Action Drive part circle Described by Patent No. 2,345,030 / 1944
7876 ½ ¾" Drive lever uses dual action drive wedge/ drive lever operates in a bi-directional manner engaging two sets of springs.
7880 ½ ¾" Same configuration as 7876 above, just larger. This same sprinkler is also Model No. 7878 if it has plain bearings, and not sand proof bearings.
6880 ½ 1" Same as above except with one additional feature: nozzle body has under/over - dual nozzles; the one on top is both a spreader and a drive nozzle/ one on the bottom is the range nozzle. This same sprinkler is also Model No. 6878 if it has plain bearings.
6882 ½ 1" Same configuration as 6880 above, just larger.
Special note: These sprinklers have features that make them stick out from all others like sore thumbs; there were never ones made like them before or since. It is unknown weather or not there were ones made that were larger than what is listed above; the museum wants all versions of this unique sprinkler.

Dual-Action Drive full circle sprinklers with one nozzle

2978 1" Same as above (junior size)
2982 1" Same as above (oversize)
6774 ¾" Low angle orchard sprinkler
Buckner manufactured many different designs of sprinklers; it is possible that Buckner may have been the most innovative manufacturer in the industry during the hay day of brass sprinklers.

There are possibly a lot of designs out there, which I have no records of. As more designs come to light, and references are found of them, they will be added to this "Search List", hopefully this document will shrink and the "Museum Sprinklers Inventory" will grow respectively.

Rain Bird

Rain Guns
102D 2" 2"or 2 " NPT mount/ diff drive spoons for low pressure FC
103D 2" 2"or 2 " NPT mount/ diff drive spoons for low pressure PC
105AFP 3" 3" male TNT bearing/ cast aluminum body/ arms with cast brass spoons
204G 4" 3 "or 4" NPT mount/ adjustable drive spoon
205A 4" 3 "or 4" NPT mount/ adjustable drive spoon/ fast reverse cycle
LP3-P 3" Unique Top Cannon design/ top nozzle is range/ unique variable position lower nozzle engages rocker arm, and is also part circle trip system.

Small Standard Impacts

70G 1" FC/ dual opposed nozzle/ has overhung fulcrum design

Turf Products

81B 1 ½" three nozzle, over/under on drive side/ one opposed
84HP 1" dual nozzle opposed/ Hex Drive (possibly like Cam Drive)
34F ½" dual opposed nozzle/ Tri-Pact Rotor
No photos available for these models.
See 1971 Catalog Pages.

Other Manufacturers the Museum is interested in

Orr Manufacturing Co.

Started by: Fingal C. Orr
Orr patented the first version of what was called the "Vertical Impact Sprinkler". When Buckner purchased Orr's patent, this same design became known as the "Rocker Jet". Some of Orr's work dates back to 1920. The museum wants any sprinkler that has "ORR" on it.

Pendulum Drive
Sprinkler next to a
Rain Bird No.80

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